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Andrew Nowak's MiniBent

Built by Mark Stonich

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Built for my nephew Andrew. His hands aren't up to any distance on an upright, due to Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This is a bummer, since he lives 3 blocks from a Rails to Trails conversion in Wisconsin. Now, when daddy trains for marathons on the trail, Andrew can ride along.

Simple to build. Front section is from a 16" girls frame. Main tube is 1" x 2" x 0.049 rectangular mild steel. Fork from 20" bike with extended plate dropouts added to the front for more rake. 1/2" square tubing used for brake bridge. Old steel 3 pin cranks were shortened to 5.5" by the "Cut & Weld" method.
This young lady had come to the HPV races, at Sparta Wisconsin, with a high school team. They had built 3 machines for the event. At 4' 8" she had never before been on a recumbent, that fit her properly.
Handlebar stem extension was seat tube from the 16" frame.

Rear stays were from a 20" bike, with square tube cross pieces attaching them to the frame. Plenty of seat adjustment for a growing lad. Calhoun Cycle donated a used BikeE front wheel and seat base. Wheels are 406 - 305