These are back in stock, as of 1/26/24. Current stock should last about 3 years.

Fixed Cup Tool
English 3 Speeds

Price - $25 including washers, nuts and
4.5" of ½" threaded rod.
$20 if purchased with a Cotter Press
S&H $10 in the USA
Contact me for current International Shipping rates.
MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(9.025% if you are in the metro area)

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Fixed BB cups with small 5/8" flats on the side surfaces can be almost impossible to remove, especially those on English 3 speeds.

I've come up with a tool that will remove them, no matter how tight they are. It will even remove those that friction methods, like a big bolt and nut or the discontinued Kingsbridge tool, won't remove. It can even remove cups with flats that have been damaged by the friction method.

There are slots on both faces of the tool, 0.625" and 0.629" wide. The distance between the flats on these cups is nominally 5/8" of an inch, or 0.625". However, some are a bit over that, and the tool works best with a snug or even slightly interference fit.

The blocks are 1.25" square and can be used with either a 32mm or 1-1/4" wrench, a large adjustable wrench or in a vice.

The are made from 4140 bar stock. Expensive to buy in small amounts, and a pain to machine. But I didn't want to use a softer steel and heat treat to get the hardness. The flats on the cups are brittle, so I wanted an alloy that was tough, not brittle.

In the photos below, of the prototype, the 1-1/4" wrench I use is 20" long.  I've had cups that were so tight I had to beat on the end of it, with a wooden mallet, for a couple of minutes. Yet they eventually came out, without any damage the cup or tool. It's also useful for the adjustable cup.

If you want both tools, they will ship for the same price as the cotter press alone, $10 in the USA. Ask for International shipping options.

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