175mm Andel Triple Crankarms Shortened
from 80mm to 153mm

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$99 a pair for just the crankarms

Tandem arm sets
 $159 Stoker Or $109 Captain

MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(8.025% if you are in the metro area)

With Dimension chainrings - 24-36-46 $235 - 26-38-48 $238
  Other sizes available.  Dimension rings are also available in an even longer wearing, non-ramped and pinned version
The ramped and pinned Dimension rings are no longer available.
These are my personal favorites.  Cold forged with a very hard, glossy black powdercoat. 

The 110/74 bolt circle allows chainring sizes that are  perfect for the average rider or tourist.

Few cranks have enough material in the area where a new pedal eye would go, to shorten safely. 

Due to the straight shape, these are among the handful of cranks that have as much metal, in the critical area at the sides of the new hole, as they did before shortening.

Dimension and SRAM rings are made from ultra hard 7075 alloy.

w/SRAM Apex/Force/Red Compact or CX 10 spd. rings.
90mm shown. Made for John "The Hammer" Young, dwarf triathlete.
34/50 $179 or 36/50 Road or 34/46 or 36/46 CX  $189
These prices include crankarms, labor to shorten them, 3 chainrings, crank fixing bolts and 2 sets of chainring bolts, but not a bottom bracket.

I have to buy these as "arms only", without rings and bolts.
The good news is that you can select a wide range of chainrings.

The bad news is that the economics of assembling a crankset from modified arms and individual parts, means you end up paying more.

Do not send money, based on these prices.
Due to fluctuating exchange rates, my parts costs can change at any time. And, my suppliers are often out of at least some specific rings. Chainring prices vary widely, depending on brand and size.

Contact me mark@bikesmithdesign.com or 612-710-9593, for a current quote and availability.

24t Dimension & 36-46 SunTour rings
$149  Not Ramped and Pinned 
Ordering, Payment, Shipping and Contact info.

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) The middle and outer ring are 110mm BCD, inner is 74mm.

BB spindle; Square taper. 118mm produces the same chainline as Shimano 105/Ultegra triples.
107-110mm works well when used as a double.

You can get a 320 g.  Shimano UN-55 cartridge BBs from your local bike shop for about $30. 

Or I can provide a 108mm, 226g. ProMax SC-1  for $29.

Q factor; 170mm with Shimano 118mm spindle.

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