175mm FSA Gossamer ISIS Drive Crankarms Shortened to 153.5mm

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$89 a pair if sold as just arms

Tandem arm sets
 $109 Stoker Or $89 Captain

MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(7.775% if you are in the metro area)

$179  With FSA 26-39-50 rings 
Other ring sizes are available. Price varies slightly with ring sizes.
Gossamer arms are cold forged with a polished and clear anodized finish. After shortening I leave a brushed aluminum finish on the ends.
 (They aren't really white. They are highly reflective and I phographed them in a white light tent.)

I have both Road Double and Road Triple arms

These are "10 speed cranks" meaning the spacing between the chainring mounting surfaces will give chainring to chainring offsets compatible with 10 speed indexed shifting as long as you use "10 speed" FSA or Shimano chainrings. Shifting may not be as good with indexed shifters if you mix brands.

Each set of arms will ship with an FSA "9 speed kit" which consists of ten 0.2mm (0.008") bronze spacers to be placed under the inner and outer rings to give 9 speed spacing with 10 speed rings.

FSA rings are CNC'd from ultra hard 7075 alloy.

Bontrager rings are in limited supply.
$149 With Bontrager 30-42-52 rings. Comparable to Ultegra 9 speed rings.
These prices include crankarms, labor to shorten them, 3 chainrings and 2 sets of chainring bolts. But an ISIS bottom bracket cartridge is not included.

I have to buy these as "arms only", without rings or bolts.
The good news is you can select a wide range of chainrings.

The bad news is that the economics of assembling a crankset from modified arms and individual parts, means you end up paying a little more.

Do not send money, based on these prices.
Due to worsening exchange rates, my parts costs can rise at any time. And, my suppliers are often out of at least some specific rings. Chainring prices vary widely, depending on brand and size.

Contact me mark@bikesmithdesign.com or 612-824-2372, for a current quote and availability.

$139 With Shimano 105  30-42-52  9 speed rings
Ordering, Payment, Shipping and Contact info.

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) The middle and outer ring are 130mm BCD, inner is 74mm.

BB spindle type = ISIS 118mm BBs produce the same chainline as Shimano 105/Ultegra triples.

I can supply the FSA Platinum ISIS BB in both 118mm for triples and 108mm for doubles.  $50

Q factor; 149mm with an 108mm double spindle.
159mm with a 118mm triple spindle
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