150mm NoName 34/50
$69 with 8/9 speed      alloy rings
$119 with 10/11 speed
SRAM Force rings

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MN residents add 6.875% sales tax
(8.025% if you are in the metro area)

$69 with 34/50 8/9 Speed Compact Alloy Chainrings
  Good entry level race and touring cranks.
Cold Forged in Taiwan

Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD):110 mm
Q-Factor: 152mm with 113 mm BB
Weight: 692g.  Chainline; 47.5mm with 113mm BB

I got such a good deal on these I can sell them for $69 and still turn a decent profit.

I don't have any spec's from the manufacturer in Taiwan. But after shortening a few sets, I know they are a good quality alloy. Because they are a pain to shorten.

10 speed SRAM rings work perfectly on 11 speed indexed drivetrains. The 8/9 speed rings will work on 10 speed setups if you have friction shifting.

$119 with SRAM Force 10/11 Speed Compatible Chainrings
Shown here on NoName arms shortened to 120mm
These can be shortened to anywhere from 120mm to 128mm for a $50 labor charge.

After shortening 150mm NoNames to 128mm they have a little divot on the end, the remnant of a pedal washer recess. This is a cosmetic issue only & will not act as a stress riser.

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