"Failing miserably at retirement since 1/21/2000"
Bikesmith is a "Global Cottage Industry".

Just myself, my wife Jane and a curious cat named Raleigh, in a well equipped basement workshop. After building bike frames and components, as a hobby, for 22 years, I retired from my day job in 2000. The new commute is 13 stairs.

Over time Bikesmith has gone from doing one-off design and fabrication to focusing on short bicycle cranks and crank tools.

If you need "normal" service or parts, there are many fine bike shops in the area.  We strongly recommend;
Seven Spokes Bike Shop for conventional bikes.
Perennial Cycle (Formerly Calhoun Cycle) for recumbents, utility bikes & gear and folders.

Quality Control Supervisor Raleigh
WWW + USPS = Global Cottage Industries

Before the Internet, a small business selling inexpensive products that were only needed by a few thousand people, scattered around the world, couldn't exist. 

My gross sales may never reach $70,000/year. But in a typical year I'll sell to customers in 35-45 states and 15-20 countries. 
Without Google there is no way I could afford to let the few people who need short cranks and cotter presses know where to get them. 
The US Postal Service can get a cotter press to Japan in 5 days.

There must be hundreds of such businesses but here are a few examples.

Brickmania was started by a life-long Lego addict on his kitchen table.  Who would have thought there would be a world wide market for historical military vehicle Lego kits?

A schoolbus driver designs custom bicycle chainring guards in his apartment, has them cut by a nearby water-jet outfit and mails them everywhere. Without middlemen, his prices are no more than mass produced guards.

Another gent sells replacement parts for antique kerosene railway lanterns. 

Our "Cottage"