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International sales and shipping

I ship to nearly any country not on the US Postal Service Prohibited List. Except Russia and any other country where I can't print the Postage and Customs Forms here.

I need to know where you are, to quote S&H. I need the postal code if you are in Canada,

 Shipping & Handling costs have been rising. Let me know where you are and what you want and I'll check current rates


I only accept payment on international sales by PayPal but you can pay a PayPal invoice with a credit card. Once we determine what you need, I will send you a PayPal invoice.
The invoice will include a 1.5% surcharge to cover PayPal's "Cross Border" currency conversion fee.

When you open the invoice notice, click on [Pay Invoice] and you will be offered the option to pay by PayPal, Visa, Master Card, American Express or Discover.  Whichever you choose, the payment ends up in my PayPal account.

Please include your telephone number so I can put it on the customs form. Then if there are problems, your local Post Office or Customs agency can contact you directly. I have had items returned when there were delivery problems.

Whether you pay by PayPal or credit card, please send me a separate email letting me know you have done so.  Not all of  PayPal's "You've got Money" notices get through my ISP's overzealous spam filter.
Also, please verify that the address you have on file with PayPal is current.  (I have had some problems with this lately)

Shipping Method
Cranks are usually shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail. 
Small, heavy items, like cotter presses, are shipped in US Postal Service Small Flat Rate Boxes. Tracking is available
to a few select countries.
I will not ship via UPS, FedEx or other private shippers, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Some countries send tracking information back to the US Postal Service. For countries that do not, the last location you will see if you try tracking the package is Chicago, IL USA. That is where most packages from Minneapolis to other countries are put on the airplane.

Items mailed internationally generally take about 10 days to arrive. If yours doesn’t arrive in 2 weeks, please check first at your local post office. I’ve mailed 700+ items to other countries and all have arrived safely. In every case where an item was believed “Lost” they were eventually found to be in the local post office, tied up in customs or in the mail room of the recipient’s apartment complex or place of work. One Australian professional triathlete waited over a month and by the time she checked at her local post office they had sent her cranks back to me.

Customs Fees
Some countries charge import taxes or customs duties. Know what the situation is where you are.
In most countries that collect taxes on imports, whether any individual shipment sent via US Postal Service goes through customs and gets taxed or not seems to be random.  But, if I were to ship with UPS, FedEx or other private shippers, they would make sure that the package went through customs so they could charge you an additional fee for customs handling.
I will ship to a US address to help you avoid customs fees/delays. But if you will be paying from a non-USA Paypal or credit card account, I'll still have to pay PayPal's currency conversion fee. Which I'll add to the invoice.

Shipping & Handling

For some cranks, I don't know what the final package weight will be. Especially if you are adding tools or bottom brackets. For these I'll invoice you for “worst case” S&H and if the package is lighter than expected I'll refund part of your PayPal or Credit Card payment. 

Delivery Times

Items sent to Australia have taken anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks, with 6-9 days typical. Japan as little as 4 days. Customers in most countries usually get their items in about 10 days. But if your items get tied up in customs it can take as much as 4 weeks to to a customer in France, Canada or the UK and 6 or more weeks to Greece.

I no longer ship via USPS Global Express Guaranteed®. It's just too much trouble.

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